Lap dancing with Heavy Nights. Here come the girls…

Aw come on. You’ve been shot at on the paintball course, you’ve thrown yourself round the go kart track and you’ve bagged an impressive pile of clay pigeons. But this is "your stag party", and on this most important of party nights a guy’s entitled to relax and enjoy the view.

And views don’t come much better than this – so grab a beer, kick back and undo that collar. Things are going to get a little hot…

No self-respecting stag night would be complete without taking in some erotic, exotic dancing, but when your stag party is scouting out lap dancing bars how do you know from outside the place that the girls dancing inside are hotties? Sure there are photos, maybe even video footage of the table dancing going on inside, but how do you know it’s for real?

Do the gorgeous lap dancing girls on the photos look anything like the girls inside? Are these the delicious curves of the lap dancers your stag party is about to see? Is that picture of Beyonce a guarantee that she’ll be pouting and shaking that booty just for you once you get inside?

Or are you going to blow your money and reputation on a table dancing bar that promises far more than it delivers? Where the photos of the girls dancing inside would have been accurate…but only in 1973? Where all signs of the curves you see on the photos were long ago lost beneath the results of a potato and Big Mac diet? And where - and this will come as a shock - there’s no sign at all of Beyonce? Or Jessica Alba? Damn it all, they even lied about Fearne Cotton!

Lap Dancing Clubs The Lap Dancing Activity is available at a number
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Your stag night. In the lap of the goddesses…

At Heavy Nights we work on a very simple assumption. Only work with the very best lap dancing bars and you’ll only get the very best lap dancers. And since we’re obsessed with giving you only the very best quality for your stag party, we’ve personally been and checked out each and every one of our venues just to make sure the lap girls you’ll enjoy on your stag night are the hottest and sexiest you’ll see anywhere. You can imagine how tough that was for us…

The girls dancing before you in each of our lap dancing clubs will be hot, sexy and very, very good at their work. You can sit back and take in the view from a distance or you and your stag party can enjoy the action close up and personal with your very own private lap dancer.*

Lap dancing clubs with Heavy Nights

• Depending on the location and venue specific details will change.

• Packages range from free, front of queue entry to VIP entry with champagne and free lap dance depending on which resort you visit.

• Your stag party can soak up the view whilst enjoying a beer or champagne.

• Enjoy a private lap dance from one of the stunning lap dancers.

It’s unlikely that your stag party would ever grow tired of watching nubile girls dancing before you, but before your best man blows his taxi fare home on one more private lap dance, maybe it’s time to hit some clubs of a different sort.

When you’re ready to leave the lap dancing bars and take in some bars with just a little less flesh on show (but only just) make sure you’re armed with our Heavy Nights night life passes.

They’ll give you free entry at a host of clubs, queue-jumping rights and discounted drinks to make sure "your stag night" keeps delivering the goods.

*Additional fee may apply.

Just call us on 01253 858993.